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Disputable issue of matter and antimatter symmetry
Савченко А.М. (Savchenko A.M.) Disputable issue of matter and antimatter symmetry // J. Atomic Strategy. 2016. (117): 3-9.

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Disputable issue of matter and antimatter symmetry
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Analyzed the common views on the origin matter and antimatter.

Proposed and rationalized the hypothesis, stating that the antimatter was not lost in The Big Bang as a result of annihilation but remained in the matter, i.e. matter itself (protons and neutrons) consists of particles and antiparticles.

Rationalized the possibility of electron placed inside a neutron and, as a conclusion, the possibility to influence the nuclear half-life.

Proposed the hypothesis regarding the origin and structure of electron, muon, proton, neutron and neutrino, regarding the nature of nuclear (strong) interaction and regarding the prence of stretching pressures in Physical Vacuum.

Proposed the mechanism of the expansion of the Universe by «swelling» of the Physical Vacuum energy structure itself and some conclusions of that model.

Analyzed the possible energy effects, resulting from the sharp change in the density of Physical Vacuum.

Proposed an alternative mechanism for the Relic radiation origin (microwave background radiation).

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