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Quaternionic relativity. II. Non-inertial motions.
Ефремов А.П. (Yefremov A.P.) Quaternionic relativity. II. Non-inertial motions. // Gravitation and Cosmology. 1996. 2(4): 335-341.

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Quaternionic relativity. II. Non-inertial motions.
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In the framework of a six-dimensional quaternionic theory of relativity (whose short review is given), noninertial frames are reasonably described: that of a uniformly accelerated observer on a rectilinear trajectory and that of an arbitrary accelerated observer on a circular orbit. The results are used to derive the exact Thomas precession formula and calculate a change in the position of Jupiter's satellite observed from the Earth, which is an integral kinematic effect for frames with a variable relative velocity.

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